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Galaxy Network, faster, safer and more stable infrastructure network for global users

What is Galaxy Network?

Galaxy Network is a new generation of blockchain storage public chain created by former Israeli military science and technology personnel. It uses big data + AI to dynamically adjust storage space allocation to link global distributed storage resources and provide a global network acceleration solution. At the same time, it breakthrough many limitations of IPFS, not only provides a strong incentive scheme for the miners, but also provides an open platform for blockchain storage, providing efficient decentralized storage services for DAPP services, as well as providing the underlying services for the development and implementation of blockchain technology in various fields.

Technical "Burning"


Futuristic technology born out of advanced military industry

Breaking Technology Limits

Through application chain technology, Galaxy Network has realized infinite expansion of technology service capability (DAPP) for the future

Breaking Application Limits

Provide one-stop data service

Breaking Performance Limits

Realizes millions of requests per second (RPS) through sharding Technology

Breaking Development Limits

Breaks through many limitations of distributed storage on behalf of IPFS and provides powerful incentive scheme for miners

Breaking Ecosystem Limits

Provides an open platform for blockchain storage, provides efficient decentralized storage services for DAPP services, and provides underlying services for the development and implementation of blockchain technology in various fields

Breaking Resources Limits

Link global distributed storage resources

Breaking The Kernel Limits

Decentralized application and provides unlimited data storage capacity

Perfect economic ecosystem

Stronger consensus mechanism

Greater ecological vision

More innovative business model

Triple guarantee mechanism

All round ecological protection

The ecological hub of innovation and practice

Mortgage Mechanism

Anti-monopoly Anti-dumping

Verification Mechanism

All nodes jointly verify the storage mining order

Punishment Mechanism

Prevent cheating Promote ecosystem

Part of the code display

EGI Model Elevation

fn read_lab__model(
	&mut self,
	EGI: &mut LabEfficientInverseGraphics,
) -> Result<(), io::Error> {
	let num_base_EGI = self.read_i32()?;
	let num_bin = self.read_i32()?;

	for _ in 0..num_base_EGI {
			let x = self.read_i32()?;
			let y = self.read_i32()?;
			EGI.add_feature(x, y);

	let mut thresh: Vec = Vec::with_capacity(add_egi_classifier as usize);
	for _ in 0..num_base_classifier {

	for i in 0..num_base_EGI {
			let mut weights: Vec = Vec::with_capacity(num_bin as usize + 1);
			for _ in 0..weights.capacity() {
			EGI.add_egi_classifier(weights, thresh[i as usize]);


Ecosystem Application

Future vision

5G Super Plan
Galaxy Network deeply combines the advantages of 5G technology with blockchain and IPFS networks to create an easy-to-use and highly innovative basic network communication system
Internet Of Things Plan
Galaxy Network uses blockchain technology to realize complex application scenario business chain, and provides a huge data base for the interconnection of everything through terminal big data
The Highest Docking Center In The Entire Network
As a new open ecosystem application platform, Galaxy network will be incorporated into global nodes to build a strong infrastructure and provide technical support for the implementation of DAPP throughout the network
Node Alliance
Run by a decentralized network of 10000+ validators globally.
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