Compatible with all POC file protocols and co-exists with the global POC ecology.


Multi-chain ecological application development, compatible with all public chains, and realizing DAPP one key migration

The color green

Support the goal of global carbon neutrality, always put environmental protection and social responsibility first, and be a green currency recognized by society.

Safety is paramount

Build the world's largest computing network, distributed and effective defense against any network attack


Galaxy Network creates a global distributed computing network that connects the world through a new storage and economic model. The idle space is a decentralized commodity with anti ASIC and market surplus. Consumer SSDs can join the Galaxy Network. In this way, GNC mining will be more dispersed than POW or POS, and more importantly, the intensity of energy and resources will be greatly reduced.


Galaxy Network

Galaxy Network

Galaxy Network

Galaxy Network

Galaxy Network

Galaxy Network

Galaxy Network


What is the Galaxy Network?

Who created Galaxy Network?

What is the Galaxy Network economic model like?

Where is the green of the Galaxy Network?

What is the architecture of Galaxy Network's Multi Chain Technology?

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