Economic Community of the Galaxy Network

In the Galaxy Network, anyone can maintain the heartbeat of the network by contributing storage capacity. In return, he can obtain a share of economic value. Capacity power protects the Galaxy Network, and the economic value of capacity is fundamentally driven by the activities on the network. This is how the GN paradigm connects energy with digital information, and this is also the yin-yang duality of capacity power.

Based on its global decentralized computing power and distributed storage advantages, Galaxy Network realizes a decentralized shared database system, creates a real, mutual trust and efficient global shared data ecology, enables ordinary users to realize higher data value transformation at a lower cost, and provides capacity proof. Data can be directly involved in mining, or can be connected to a compatible POC architecture for mining, Obtain rewards: Valid data can be rewarded for participating in storage. It not only makes the data credible and shared, but also makes the data truly valuable assets and intangible assets tangible achievements.

The Galaxy Network shared database adopts the concepts of "de trust", "decentralization" and "separation of storage and computing", which are divorced from the current trust model of entrusting data ownership and access control to centralized trusted institutions, but endows users with data ownership to solve the problems of data privacy for ordinary users and trust between enterprises. The Galaxy Network global shared database is the core idea of our efforts to achieve trust.


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